First of all, thanks for passing by.

A little story about my self...

My name is Indra H. Wijaya, I was born in 1977 in Bandung-Indonesia.
When I was 14 years old my mother and I moved to The Netherlands where I live now.
You might wonder where the name PisauCraft came from? Well Pisau means knife in Indonesian and I put the English word craft to it just like me and my wife, east meets west...

In 2003 I owned a kujang which I wanted to make shiny, but didn't know how, so I surfed the internet and found many knife making tutorials, that's when I started making my own knives, and now I have become addicted.


indo tanto close up


I want to thank all the members of who have helped me with my problems and questions.

Special thanks to my wife and children who gave me time.

Thank you all!!!

Indra H. Wijaya.



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